The speed depends on the type of printer, printed material, the printed object size and accuracy. Regardless, if it is a day, an hour or a few minutes, it’s definitely worth waiting for.

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If details are important to your design, think of a human hair. Now, think even smaller. This is where the technology is now and this is what we offer you as well.

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Whatever is said, the only size that matters is the size of your dreams. The rapidly developing technology enables us to print models as small as a grain of sand or as big as a fully functional building. You can challenge us with your design and expect amazing results in any size.

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There are no limits here. Curved and rounded shapes, sharp edges if needed.

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More and more materials are developed to meet your needs. Ranging from plastics, multicolor powder based materials, ceramics, metals, digital wax, to Titanium, Gold or even concrete.

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It is up to you whether your model will be printed in clear white or stunning colors. Envision your model in beautiful colors.

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